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The first time I drove through Corwen after moving to North Wales about a thousand years ago, it was a biting cold February and the Christmas lights were still up and on. I loved the town immediately.

I knew of the Glyndwr connection, of course, but I was, at the time at any rate, far more interested in the hillfort, Caer Drewyn. Studying history at Cardiff, I was all hillforts and Alfred - ask anyone, I was known for it. But, I remember the view of Corwen from the hill top, how it seemed to stand at a crossroads, commanding all routes. I was struck by its importance. There is something for everyone.

When it came to building this website, a neverending task, the entry for Corwen was the first I wrote, as a result of that walk up the ramparts. As a consequence, it is gum aching awful...don't tell me otherwise, I've just looked at it again, and I'm cringing as I write this. I honestly feel like I've let the place down.

I can do better, and I will...

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