It's been a long time coming, and continues to move slower than I would have liked, but it's coming. I can't stint, you see, I don't like to rush and I have to be as accurate as I can. These things take time - I have to be as proud of each and every article as I could possibly be. So its taking time.

However, instead hoarding my articles, I'm throwing them up there, on the site. There are a growing number of specific place entries already live, and you can access them through the main Flintshire menu bar (they should drop down for your delectation on a desk top, or they'll be hiding behind a nifty little + sign on your mobile), and other articles on their parent villages, towns or parishes which can only be accessed through the 'Search' bar which I've decided to add to the page.

You see, the History bit takes time, but that's my comfort zone...the whole building of a webpage to display them? That was the difficult bit.

Let me know what you think, but do be gentle in these brutal times...

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The weather was appalling. Raining. Endlessly. And had been for days. Deciding to get out, despite what felt like all the world's wet draining out on North East Wales, we drove up the road towards Talacre Beach - the sky was brown, if you please.

And then, joyously, the clouds broke and the sun broke through. A rainbow, arching down onto the estuary. And as we made our way through the dunes, there it was, Talacre Lighthouse, or rather the Point of Ayr Lighthouse. Quite the sight in the watery, afternoon light. And spirits were lifted, quite gloriously.

Ships used to anchor off the sands, and rowing themselves to the beach, the crews used to walk up to their homes in Llanasa. Home.

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