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Website Update ~ June 2024

~ New & Revised Articles


New Articles

Mold Castle ~ Mold, Flintshire

Well, this was a bugger. I knew it would be, which is why I'd put it off for so very long. But there comes a time, you know the time, when even procrastination runs its course to an end. So I put the hours in. But the hours became days and the days became weeks. It's probably the longest article I've written, largely because of the curious lack of actual information out there on this most enigmatic motte and bailey. But I'm pleased with the results. It will need to be revised on a regular basis, since the information coming to light regarding the importance of this castle is staggering.

I'd known there were there, but for some reason I'd never been to visit. These curious carved stones were probably from St Mary's in one of its restorations and renovations. But, rather more intriguing is the possibility that they may have come from a lost chapel on the site of Mold Castle. Time will tell, I shouldn't doubt.

I've also created a site map on the Home page, which should hopefully allow visitors to quickly identify places of interest close to them. It wasn't that onerous a task, to be honest, although it did bring to light just how many articles I'd written since I began this project some years ago. Pleasing, actually.


Revised Articles

I continue to be careful to be aware of new information and research on those sites I've already visited and written about. It's fascinating just how much can change - usually with an archaeological dig, a find, or the discovery of a lost manuscript. Sometimes the articles need just a tweek, sometimes a rewrite. Sometimes, its just the use of new photographs to better show the site.

Craig yr Uchain Hillfort & Enclosure ~ Llandrillo, Denbighshire

I'd never visited. I'd written the article in someting of a white heat, with every intention of visiting shortly after posting. But then never did. I rectified that in May, on one of the rare glorious days we had during the month. The fact that an enclosure is present, should not be that surprising, I suppose, given the name, translating to 'Rock of the Oxen'.

St Collen & the Fairy Court ~ Llangollen/Llantysilio, Denbighshire

Not so much of a rewrite, rather the addition of a couple of new pictures of Coed Hyrddyn (also known as Velvet Hill), taken from Llantysilio Mountain.

Site Visits

While Mold Castle swallowed up most of my available writing time, I've managed to be out and about, scouting new locations, and looking to add to my knowledge on known sites. Some of these places should have been done a long time ago, others have come about from new information. I'll be researching these wonders in due course.

Moel y Gaer Hillfort ~ Bodfari, Denbighshire

A beautiful hillfort above Bodfari, looking over to the Clwydians.

Clawdd Offa ~ Llangollen, Denbighshire

A curious earthwork, mentioned by Edward Lhuyd. Obscure and hidden beneath the summer grasses when I visited. Still, I saw curlews, would you believe.

The Talacre Hall Grotto - Gwespyr, Flintshire

What weirdness is this? A folly within the grounds of what was once Talacre Hall and later abbey. All manner of grotesques and oddities, and an abandon burial ground for the nuns who once lived here.

The Croes Onnen Widmill ~ Holywell, Flintshire

One of the few remaining entirely recognisable windmills remaining in North East Wales.

St Mael & St Sulien's ~ Corwen, Denbighshire

It's time for a radical rewrite of this rather lovely little church.

Maes William ~ Leeswood, Flintshire

Is it, or isn't it? Possibly a motte, possibly raised to defend the approaches to Mold Castle. Or possibly just a natural feature. Hmmm.

Hooded Tomb ~ Llanasa, Flintshire

There isn't much left of this little wonder in the churchyard of St Asaph & St Cyndyrn's. Enough to like, though.

Llandegla Caves ~ Llandegla, Denbighshire

Neolithic caves within the limestone outcrops between Llandegla and Llanarmon yn Ial. All manner of finds were found - both human and beast.

Dolbedlyr ~ Cefn Meiriadog, Denbighshire

Henry Salesbury wrote his Grammatica Britannica here, in 1593. Owned now by the Landmark Trust.

Tomen y Faerdre ~ Llanarmon yn Iâl, Denbighshire

Painful. That's what my first writing on the motte at Tomen y Faerdre is. Desperate for a rewrite.

Other Matters Arising

I'm not sure how many people actually read my newsletter, but if you do, you'll have noticed, I'm sure, that you have not received said letter in your inbox in the last two months. Mold Castle did for me. Normal service will be resumed on 7th July 2024. Salut.

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