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The Ghost

of Dafydd Salusbury

While Sir John Salusbury, hero of the Siege of Denbigh Castle in 1646, and avowed Royalist builder of Rug Chapel was a man of undoubted honour and nobility, the same cannot be said of his ancestor, Dafydd Salusbury.  This unfortunate fellow was damned to ride the roads and lanes of Llanrhaedr-yng-Nginmeirch upon his lathered white horse, groaning and moaning for the weight of his sins, a consequence of a life lived badly.

A Mr Griffiths of Llandegla claims to have seen the troubled soul of Salusbury galloping over hedges and ditches in the dead of night.  The truth of the terrible deeds of Dafydd Salusbury were apparently told in a Welsh balled called, ‘Ysbryd Dafydd Salbri’, but perhaps fortunately the work is now lost.

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