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Ffynnon Gynhafal

Ffynnon Gynhafal is sited in an ancient landscape, at the base of the Clwydians.  A huge affair, a worn brick vaulted chamber, probably 19th century in origin contains a chamber some 5 metres long and 3 metres in width, with steps descending into the dark waters. The base however, is made of much older limestone blocks, which suggests that the original, probably ancient well was built upon to create, in effect, a much bigger underground chamber.  It suggests that its fame was widespread, and that it was very popular, attested to by its sheer size and ability to immerse the seekers of its curative miracles entirely.  As for its miraculous properties, it is believed to have cured warts, though again the size of the well would suggest further powers as would the tradition that it was visited by the noted local poet, Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fechan (1485 – 1553 AD), who sought a cure for his troublesome leg. The warts were pricked with a pin, which was then thrown into the waters of the well.


The well is on private property at Plas Dolben Farm some 500m north of the church, and permission must be sought before visiting, but ask nicely and you won't be disappointed.  An absolutely lovely family work the farm and were more than happy for me to have a nose.  I'm told that on occasion, pilgrims still make the journey to prick themselves and throw the pin into the water. It is sited in a landscape of incredible antiquity and beauty, not far from Llanynys and Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nginmeirch.

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