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The Woman in White

Llindir Inn is believed to be the oldest pub in Wales.  It is thought to be 13th century, and, as might be expected, has managed to collect a few ghost stories in its near 800-year history.

Its most famous ghost is the Woman in White, although some have seen her in blue. That she is the same person is undeniable, since her face is often clearly seen, whatever she may be wearing, on the occasion of her visitation.  She is believed to have been the wife of a sailor, who was often at sea.  Lonely, she took a lover but was caught in a somewhat delicate situation one evening as her husband took unexpected shore leave.  The unfortunate woman, some know her as Sylvia, was strangled to death by her furious husband (of her lover there is no mention, of course).

Her ghost is said to haunt the inn, and has been seen on numerous occasions by staff and guests.  Many individuals claim to have been pushed or pinched while at the Inn, but the most concerning was the attack suffered by a Raymond Kenyon in 1960, while taking rooms at Llindir.  His story was reported by the Daily Post, in which in interview Kenyon claimed,

‘I woke up feeling cold and my body was covered in goose pimples. Then I felt an invisible force confronting me from where the dressing table stands at the bottom of the bed and the floorboards were making loud creaking noises as if one or two persons were struggling.  Then I felt a pressure like a cold hand on my throat.’

Inexplicably, Kenyon braved a second night at the Inn, only to be assaulted once again.  One presumes a second night was enough.   Kenyon’s experience seems to mirror the terrible death of the Woman in White…or blue.

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