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The White Lady of Dyserth

One day a young man was walking from Dyserth to Rhyl.  It was a fine summer day, and by all accounts, the man was pleased with himself.  As he walked, he became aware of someone approaching behind him, and on turning he saw a beautiful young woman dressed entirely in white.  He paused his stride, and the lady fell into step beside him.  They talked and the young man found himself immediately enamoured of the lady.  She was bright and vivacious, easy to talk to and the miles slipped away as they walked.  In truth, he could not believe that this beautiful woman seemed interested in him, and he was smitten.

All was well until they reached a pool by the side of the road.  The young woman stopped suddenly, smiled at the man, thanked him for his company and walked towards the pool.  The young man was confused.  Where was she going?  There was nothing but the pool in front of her.  Suddenly, she burst into fire, consumed entirely by the flames.  The man reached forward, breathless with the violence of it, but was beaten back by the heat.  The flames drew up into a large ball of fire which began to spin, and slowly entered the pool in a huge rush of steam and fume.

The young man stood agog with the shock and the horror of what he had witnessed, before fainting away.  Upon recovering, the young man never again travelled the same road to Rhyl.

Others have witnessed the White Lady of Dyserth on the old Rhyl road, most recently on New Years Day in 2005, but no one else has seen the figure burst into flame.  It is possible the figure was that of a Gwragedd Annwn, a ‘Lady of the Underworld’ whose home was the waters of Annwn.

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