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A curious little village just to the north of the A55.  It is one of those wonderful places that most will miss as they crawl along the main thoroughfare to the west.  But, as ever there is plenty to see here.  The name is a bit of a puzzle. It might well translate as ‘Red Hill,’ but then possibly as ‘slope of the hill’.  The earliest reference to the village to be found, names the settlement as ‘Rhiallt’.


The area around Rhuallt and Tremeirchion is littered with Bronze Age barrows, such as the Criafol Barrow (093761) and at Moel Maen Efa (086743).  The village itself lies on the old Roman road between Chester (Deva) and Caerhun (Canovium) passing, it is thought through the still unidentified Roman fort of Varis, which it is believed is located somewhere along this road.  Rhuallt Hall is 17th century and is of interest for its impressive dovecote.  The Pennant Lead mine is discussed elsewhere.

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