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Llantysilio / RhewlHillforts

Moel y Gaer Hillfort

Of the hillforts discussed within these pages, Moel y Gaer, 503m up in the Llantysilio mountains is by far the smallest.  At less than a hectare in area, it is perhaps one of the simplest hillforts to be investigated.  A univallate structure, heather covered and worn by both time and the idiotic attentions of off-roaders, Moel y Gaer remains a curious thing.

A 2007 topographical survey discovered some 11 roundhouse platforms, which given its size would make the hillfort somewhat crowded.  Most curious of all is the discovery of what appears to be rectangular structures.  This is intriguing, since rectangular structures are almost unheard of in Iron Age hillforts.  It suggests that the site was reoccupied much later than the Iron Age, perhaps even in medieval times, for reasons unknown.

Moel y Gaer has been rarely excavated, and could really do with a good going over by a university, possibly one of those like Bangor or Liverpool that would rather spend their time on the sexy Clwydian hillforts like Penycloddiau.  Just saying…