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Melin y wig

Melin-y-wig is a pretty little hamlet off the A5, a little north of Betws Gwerfil Goch.  Its chief claim to fame seems to rest in an old Welsh lullaby.


‘Bachgen bach o Felin-y-wig, 
welodd o 'rioed damaid o gig; 
Gwelodd falwen ar y bwrdd, 
cipiodd ei gap a rhedodd i ffwrdd.’


Which roughly translates as:


‘A little boy from Melin-y-wig, 
he never saw a morsel of meat; 
He saw a snail on the table, 
he snatched his hat and ran away.’


Nearby is the remains of Dinas Melin-y-wig (049491), one of many Iron Age hillforts in this part of north east Wales, but which also, curiously seems to include a contemporary defended enclosure by the name of Clegyr-mawr (051491), which is now a farm.  Indeed, for such a small place there is plenty of interest, including the early 17th century long house at Tai Teg and the old 17th century corn mill, still with its wheel pit, though without the wheel which was removed in 1979.

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