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Llandegla Ghosts

There are a number of stories from Llandegla of ghosts and spirits, which is perhaps not so surprising given its great age.  These stories are told in a fascinating book, ‘Llandegla Then and Now’ (The Llandegla Millennium Action Group 2003).

A Restless Spirit

The first tells of a ghost seen on the B5104, close to Llandegla.  Apparently, throughout much of the 19th century, there were occasions when travellers would find their horses startled by an apparition that would appear from the dark.  On other occasions, animals would refuse to pass acertain spot on the road.  During the early years of the 20th century a skeleton was found in the field by the road, and it is supposed that this was the body of a suicide or criminal, neither of which could be buried in consecrated ground and whose spirits were thus more likely to be troubled and wander the earth.  It is said that once the skeleton was reburied, this time in a churchyard, the hauntings stopped.

The Gate House Ghost

A party of Canadian visitors saw another ghost close to the Gate House, and their description of the apparition, wearing old 18th century breeches, stockings and tall hat would suggest it was the spirit of the old tollgate keeper.

The Sightings of Lou Thompson

'Llandegla Then and Now' (Page 27-29) tells the fascinating experiences of one Lou Thompson, who has on several occasions comes across ghosts in Llandegla.

Helping out at the Hand Inn one evening, Thompson encountered a gentleman stood at the bar, sometime before opening.  On explaining that he could not be served for another hour, Thompson turned to close the till, and found on looking up that the man had disappeared.  It was explained to Thompson some time later, by a lady who had always lived in the village that, from his description, he had encountered the ghost of the old owner of the Hand, who had died some years earlier.

Thompson also tells of a path close to the New Rectory upon which a tree was the site of a presence.  On occasions Thompson’s dog refused to pass by the tree, and that others had had the same experience with their animals.  Later, Thompson saw the ghostly figure of what appeared to be a monk-like individual, gliding towards him and which terrified his dog.  This figure has appeared on several other occasions.

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