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Bontuchel translates as 'high bridge' and one look at this mighty bridge across the River Clywedog leaves you in no doubt as to the accuracy of the name.  The bridge was designed by Joseph Turner of Chester.  The question remains, however, which Joseph Turner, since there were several of the same family named Joseph, all of whom were architects?  That being said, whichever of the Turners designed the bridge did a splendid job, even if, as Gordon Emery states in his rather wonderful 'Curious Clwyd' series of books, the architect had to be called out to oversee repairs to the bridge after some unspecified damage.  The Turners were noted for their works in Chester and North Wales, and the High Bridge at Bontuchel seems to have been unfairly overlooked in the glamours of all their other Georgian efforts in the big city.

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