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The Ghost Monks

In the evening of a summers day in 1953, a man returning home from the pub along a lane which led from the old Abbey passed Twt Hill and the Castle, saw a pair of figures approaching him.  As they came nearer, he saw that they were wearing hooded gowns, with their faces entirely hidden, their heads bowed as if in prayer. More to the point, they did not seem to be walking, but rather gliding along the path.

The man was aware that he was close to the old Dominican Friary (now Abbey Farm), and was now convinced that the figures were actually the ghosts of monks from before the Dissolution of the Monasteries.  He came to a halt, and looked both left and right, nervous of the figures reaching him, and unsure as to what might happen if they should meet him in the path.

He made the decision to leave the path, and cowered amongst the undergrowth in a ditch.  The figures drifted past him, along the path, uncaring of his presence.  The man waited a moment, before leaping up and running for home.  A quick glance over his shoulder showed that the monks had disappeared.

Some years later a number of graves were found nearby, and it did not take long for the gentleman’s experience to be remembered.

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