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Funeral Cortege

During the 19th Century, a man entering Corwen one evening came upon a crowd following a funeral cortege.  In his tale, he claims he was jostled and pushed, and although he recognized many of those in the procession, dressed in mourning clothes, none seemed to recognize him.  Indeed, it was as if he were not there.


The procession of shuffling, sobbing townsfolk continued along the main street until it entered the Church of St Mael and St Sulien.  To his horror, on entering the grounds of the church, the procession vanished.


Sometime later a friend of the witness died.  On the day of the funeral, as the coffin made its way through the town, the man realized that the procession was exactly as the phantom procession he had experienced earlier.


Accounts of phantom funeral processions are not rare, and there are similar stories of such from Ruabon and Wrexham.

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