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Bell House

A remarkable little reminder of Caerwys’ past, Bell House in the centre of the town is a 17th century (some would claim 16th century) building indelibly linked to Caerwys’ rich agricultural heritage.


It is said that the building housed a bell within a recess facing the square, which was rung to signal the opening of the market and the start of fairs, and was said to have also tolled during funerals.


Caerwys was justly famous for its fairs and markets, with certain streets assigned to specific livestock, such were their size and popularity.  On days in which the fairs and markets were open, all seven pubs in the town would be full.  Some townsfolk were allowed to open their homes as licensed premises, and signaled their selling of ale with a holly wreath upon their doors. No wonder then, that a bell would be needed to inform this tremendous swell of people that the fairs and markets had opened.


The markets and fairs have largely gone now, as has the bell from Bell House.  But the beautiful building remains, overlooking the town square - a reminder of what once was, a connection to a past that serves to remind us of what we once were.

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