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This curiously large village between Mold and Northop is almost certainly of Saxon origin.  Soughton renders from the Old English to, ‘south farm’, or possibly, ‘south estate’, but certainly south of something.  It seems more than likely that it was connected to the fascinating nearby Llys Edwin estate a little west of Northop.  Soughton is mentioned in the Domesday Book, like many Flintshire towns and villages, where it is named Sutone, held by Ralph the Huntsman, who is likely to be the same Ralph who held nearby Broughton and perhaps Stapleford at Duddeston in Cheshire. Its Saxon origins push its history back to before the Norman Conquest, but how far is thus far unknown.  Known now chiefly for the stunning Soughton Hall, the village remains a rather beautiful curiosity.


Soughton Hall

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