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Yr Hen Methodist Chapel in Trevor

You miss these things. It's understandable. These things are often hidden away in undergrowth, slowly moldering away with the brick reduced to rubble by a thick twine of bramble. These things are often invisible from roadways and mettled pathways... sometimes, following a suddenly seen mud track is your only hint that there was something there, something older.

Yr Hen Methodist Chapel in Trevor is just that...The Old Methodist Chapel. It clearly wasn't known as such when it was built in 1824, but rather later when a new chapel, Bryn Seion was raised in 1903, on the corner at the bottom of Station Road.

But Yr Hen Methodist Chapel is built on the River Dee, beneath the looming hugeness of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct which of course was there before it by a decade or so. Quite the backdrop...To get to it, you have to walk down to the Cysyllte Bridge, older than both the Chapel and Aqueduct by a couple of hundred years, at least, and follow the River back on yourself, towards the terraces that overlook the river cut valley... and there it is. It's not the easiest of spots to get to, especially in winter, and perhaps wasn't so in 1824... perhaps it wasn't meant to be. What possessed the faithful to build their hall of worship here? Was it to rage against the ungodly pursuits of men personified in the towering Aqueduct above it? I rather think not... it's a rather flatulent suggestion to be honest. I think the people of Trevor were proud of the Aqueduct, and I think they celebrated the magnificent feat of engineering... and I think they were probably grateful to God for the wherewithal to build it. That's what I think.

Apparently it was demolished in around 1905. Hollowed out, maybe, but it's still there... in the woods... Not quite gone.

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