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St Mael and St Sulien, Corwen

I couldn't believe just how poor a job I'd done on Corwen. In my defence, I'd just started out on my ambition to produce a website on my adopted part of Wales. Having lived in the south for some time, North East Wales just seemed so unknown, and ridiculously so. So, I was determined to do something about, though I'd no idea how to build a website, and at the time, photos were taken on film, not tiny plastic cards.

Still, I'm not sure how my original entry for the rather wonderful pasrish church of Corwen advanced my ambition of helping put North East Wales on the map a bit. It was rushed and risible, and in no way did the church justice. Ho hum.

Anyway, I've tried again, and expanded the entry considerably. Still, I've not been able to get into the Church for some time, so I anticipate another update in the near future.

It really is rather smashing, this Church. The prehistoric stone built into the north porch is really something...

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