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Ffynnon Mihangel at Caerwys

Good lord, it was an effort. I thought I'd never find it, but it was there, of course. It made one wonder as to the devotion and effort of those that had visited it in ages past. After an hour of wading through woodland and scrub bush, a cacophony of bird song and not a person to be seen, it was there - within the valley, at the base of limestone outcropping. And it was wonderful. It was beautiful. Utterly serene.

Essentially, a collection of springs emerging from the limestone outcroppings to form the rather wonderful Afon Mihangel, the setting could not feel more holy - and more so for the effort to scramble down to it. By far, the most rewarding holy well I have visited thus far, if only for the fact that without pomp, it was utterly moving.

And, of course, on the journey back, I found that had I taken a right at the old golf club, instead of a left, it wouldn't have been half as hard an effort to find. Still, I have no regrets - always take a left if you have a choice...

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