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Acts of kindness in Llangynhafal.

Well that was quite something. I took myself off to the tiny village of Llangynhafal this weekend past, willing myself to overcome my crippling shyness in order to ask permission to see the rather wonderful Ffynnon Gynhafal on the property of Plas Dolben. It's tops, Ffynnon Gynhafal...or so I'd heard. A massive 19th century chamber (probably) over an ancient well, traditionally the bane of warts...if that wart was pricked and the pin thrown into the waters. But, I'm shy, you know, really shy in fact, and I was loathe to impose myself upon a family on a Sunday...

So, I turned up at the Church. I had some business with St Gynhafal there. I happened to arrive in the middle of a Sunday service, forgetting that they were were allowed once more. That was quite moving, I can tell you - walking about the churchyard, accompanied by the congregation in full voice...wonderful. I didn't intrude, I'm shy you'll recall, but I was happy to walk amongst the stones and listen. I was told a little later that it was the first service there since some repair work having been completed, and it was busy. I was also told they had an celebratory event there on the Friday which included an Elvis inpersonator...well, he is a religion to some, thank you very much.

My business at the church completed, a decision had to be made. Do I make a run on Ffynnon Gynhafal or not? I did. I managed to find the number for Plas Dolben and rang them up. I spluttered and stuttered, but managed to get my question out. Of course I could visit, it wasn't a problem, they were happy for me to pop in, others had and others would and be welcome also...You meet some absolute wonders of people sometimes, and they leave you thinking good things the rest of the day.

I made my way up the driveway of Plas Dolben and the father was there. I was told on the phone that his wife and daughter were out and about, but he would be happy to help - and he was. Top fella. He was mowing his lawn, but was more than happy to show me his well - and what a well. But I'm not sure which I was more moved my - the well or the man? Such public kindness does that for me, every time. We need that. Public acts of kindness. We need more of it. It lingers and spreads.

I'm not going to tell you anything more about the well. Have a read of my can find it, I'm sure. I wanted to tell you about the people. At St Gynhafal's and Plas Dolben, and the fella at the Golden Lion Inn who was sat outside having a pint and waved at me as I drove past, for no other reason than because he was a nice bloke, I fancy. That was Llangynhafal, and I'll be back.

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